Youth volunteers group

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Pie’s Action Community Thanet (ACT!) Youth Volunteer group is big on making a positive impact in the community.

They meet every week to plan and organise a range of projects and fundraising initiatives that will support local people, organisations, and charities that are doing good in the world.

The group works together to be the change they want to see and would love to welcome new people. By taking part, participants can gain access to volunteer opportunities and learn new skills, in a supportive, friendly, and inclusive environment.

From summer fun days for local families to litter picks, big sleepouts, and fitness challenges, they’ve raised money for a range of local charities including MPS Society, Thanet Shelter and Support Porchlight. Throughout the Covid19 pandemic, they produced and delivered care packages and cards to young people and care homes across Thanet.

Every project can support applications to college, university, and employment as a demonstration of the skills that have been learnt and volunteer experience.

Being presented with these opportunities will help me in later life and grow as a person…Everyone is lovely, especially if you’re new. ACT has taught me the value of time. Even the smallest bit of my time can really help other people… Pie means being myself and having my voice heard. I know that everything I say will be put into the project. It’s fun, light-hearted and a nice community.

Posy, ACT! participant

Youth Club sessions

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At Pie, our youth club sessions help young people in East Kent to influence their own lives positively.

Across the Thanet and Dover districts, 8-19-year-olds (up to 25 with a disability) can take part in our free open-access sessions. Every session promotes emotional, social and physical wellbeing and development.

Young people can have fun, make friends, learn about themselves and develop skills, building confidence and future opportunities. Activities include cooking, arts and crafts, sport, games and music, all in an inclusive, welcoming environment.

We take a universal and targeted approach to our youth provision, and aim to engage and build positive relationships with families, the wider community and partners. Our team, made up of qualified team leaders, sessional youth workers, volunteers and young leaders, are trained to ensure young people’s safety and wellbeing in all of our sessions. Significant support in place for those facing financial barriers to participation.

We can help young people gain accredited qualifications too, including:

Thanet (Ramsgate Youth Centre / Pie HQ)

Junior Youth Club
Thursdays 5 – 7pm, 8-12 years

Open Arms
Fridays 5 – 7:30pm, 13-21 years
Our session for unaccompanied asylum seekers and refugees. We will cook and eat together, make art, play music and games. There is also space for those who just want to chill, feel safe and chat with friends.

Pavilion Youth Cafe, Broadstairs (CT10 3AE)
Tues, Wed, Thurs 3 – 5pm, 10-14 years


Dover district

Aylesham Youth Club
Juniors: Tuesdays, 5:15-6:45pm, 8-12 years, drop in
Seniors: Tuesdays, 7:15-8:45pm, 13-18 years, drop in
Aylesham Baptist Church CT3 3AA

Biggin Hall Youth Club
Wednesdays, 3:30-5:30pm, 11 – 17 years
Ct16 1BD

Dover Youth Hub
Thursdays, 6-8pm, 11-17 years
Linwood Deal CT14 9UU

Crosslinks Youth Club
Thursdays, 7-9pm, 11-17 years
Buckland Community Centre CT16 2RA

Inspire Youth Club
Fridays 7 – 9pm, 11-18 years
(2nd, 4th and 5th Friday of every month during term time)
River Methodist Church CT17 0PP

Linwood youth hub Deal 

Thursdays, 6-8pm, 11-17 years

After school clubs (for students only)

A free, fun weekly after-school club for students with activities including sport, games, craft and arts, as well being a space with support and guidance. 

Dover Christ Church Academy

3:15-4:45pm, 11-14 years

Astor School
3-5pm, 11-14 years

Our Thanet youth service is funded through a KCC youth services contract, and we are an approved KCC provider.

Venue Hire

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We run Ramsgate Youth Centre and have a number of rooms available to hire throughout the year. To discuss booking our venue, please start by completing the following form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Booking Our Venue in Ramsgate

Booking Our Venue in Ramsgate

Which rooms would you like to book?
Will be this be a regular or one-off booking?
Will your hire require of any of the following equipment? (These will be calculated in addition to the dry hire)

Girls Programme

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Pie’s Girls Programme gives a safe space to girls and gender non-conforming 13 – 19-year-olds to support their musical growth, as listeners and burgeoning musicians.

The programme has been running since autumn 2020, with two talented groups taking part – the self-named ‘Sirens’ and ‘The Feminist Complex’.

Programme Producer Rachel Connelly wanted the programme to be

“A foundation music course for young people. They’re already into listening to music, but I wanted to really get them into questioning what music is, listening to different types of music together, critiquing what they hear and developing their own musicianship as independent artists in a safe, open, supportive space”

Sirens are Annabel, Betsy, Bunni, Demi, Ellie, Harmony, Katie, Laura and Zoe.

The Feminist Complex are Katie, Ruby, Lilli, Amelia, Maddi, Frankie, Grace, Harmony, Demi and Rachel.

Sirens’ Journey

In a year when the world faced a global pandemic and lived life online, Sirens achieved extraordinary things, independently and together. They connected with one another each week both online and in person (when possible) during the height of the COVID19 pandemic.

Drawing on their shared passion for listening to music, the group started the programme by taking part in listening sessions, where they could hear and discover each other’s tastes as well as being introduced to new musical genres, new artists, particularly female and genderqueer musicians, including an inspirational visit from Amy Redmond, Director of POW! Thanet. From sound came thought-provoking conversations about feminism, what it means to be female and genderqueer in the music industry, in the past and now, and much more.

Sirens faced challenges of social restrictions meaning gigs had to be online, but they rose to the challenge thanks to the support of musician and vocal coach Daisy Beau. They learnt how to prepare for a live stream gig, from singing to creating their own backgrounds and outfits. Despite the challenges, online streaming meant that people from all around the world could see them perform – taking their talents to the other side of the world – as far as Australia!  The ‘Play at home’ live online gig featured each of the Sirens artists and special guest Daisy Beau (watch the gig below). So much confidence, skill and delight to play was evident and so impressive given they’d only been able to meet online so far.

Throughout 2021, the group met inspirational local and London-based female and genderqueer musicians and industry experts through a series of online conversations and workshops. They chatted to Carli Jefferson from Lunatraktors, Ray Predergast from Pink Suits, DJ Hannah Holland, Black Gold Buffalo, as well as Maxie Gedge from the PRS Foundation.

With restrictions easing, the group were given the opportunity to take part in an 8-week songwriting course with Francesca Ter-Berg to create a song together as a group for another gig, this time in person. Sirens performed “Chocolate Box Full of Swordfish” at The Gulbenkian Art 31 BounceBack festival on 26 June 2021 and recorded their song with Kimberley Ann at Palm Bay Music (watch the gig below).

The event was programmed and planned by ART31 Generate, a group of young people from Kent aged 13-25 years. BounceBack was a digital festival, but 100 of the young creatives participating in the festival attended, giving Sirens networking opportunities with their peers.

Sirens continued to perform at solo gigs throughout summer 2021 – Harmony performed for our very own ACT social action group’s Family Fun Day, and Zoe was sponsored by Morag and Chris at Rosslyn Court in Margate, to take part in a workshop with vocal coach Hughie Gavin, leading to performing a solo gig.

“I have loved every second of it. I would have never have had the chance to perform the song that we wrote as a group to the whole world if they wanted to watch it, and I would never have had the chance to meet other inspiring groups. To be in an actual studio with Kim has been amazing. She has shared skills with us that we can use in the future and is very positive to us about our capabilities and how we can develop and use them”

Laura, Sirens member

Watch Sirens Journey

The Feminist Complex’s Journey

In 2022, the brilliant The Feminist Complex group made music heavily inspired by long conversations they had about feminism and influences from the music industry’s impact on the world for women and gender non-conforming people.

For this year, the programme was all about the outside world, exploring what there is for young musicians outside the walls of Pie Factory Music – giving these young people a chance to engage with other musicians and industry professionals, creating foundations in networking for future work in the industry through lived experience.

With the easing of lockdown restrictions, trips to offsite locations and gigs were vital. The young people got to visit music venues – essential for any musician – to choose where they wanted to perform and to learn about what a venue needs for an event. The group visited Tom Thumb Theatre and Elsewhere in Margate, Ramsgate Music Hall and the Gulbenkian Canterbury.

The group were introduced to Moa Papillon who is a singer and instrumentalist playing West African kora, mandolin, bansitar and guitar. Moa led a series of sessions and guided the young people, working towards a performance as part of POW! festival in March 2022 at Ramsgate Music Hall.

The event was full of international song, dance and food from West Africa, Kashmir, Canada, UK, USA and Sweden. The Feminist Complex sang a Swedish International Women’s Day protest song called “Raise Our Voices” as a group with solo performances from Harmony, spoken word from Demi and captivating dancing from Maddie. The Feminist Complex showcased their growing skills in different instruments, music genres, songwriting skills and more.

An original track by Grace created from field recordings and transposition of music from a Japanese anime game was played at interludes. The group performed alongside supporting acts Ellie Ward (spoken word), Bianca Wilson (banjo), Ruby Tipple (guitar) – connecting with fellow artists to create a night to remember.

The Feminist Complex - Pie Factory Music

Gigs have been an important part of the group’s journey. Harmony, Maddie and Demi performed two original tracks at ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition in summer 2022 as part of GENFest – ART31 at the Gulbenkian in Canterbury.

In summer 2022, Amelia and Rachel joined the group and were instantly connected with local musicians – Amelia worked with drummer Jax Titmus, to develop their drum skills. Here she is performing her own drums improvisation following the tutorship.

Rachel met with poet and performer Brigitte Aphrodite who specialises in live theatre, performance and songwriting, learning to compose and perform her first original track – a huge milestone – take a listen below

Grace has been mentored by Kimberley Anne, Creative Director of Palm Bay Music to develop their studio engineering skills and to create a track ‘Avacardo’ – listen below. Grace also took part in a two-day tech workshop at the Gulbenkian Arts Centre to hone their engineering skills further and the team were so impressed they invited Grace back to work on a day of live theatre.

Small residencies were organised for some of the group: Harmony was given the chance to take part in a series of performances at Screaming Alley events – ‘Let’s Go Outside’- for the re-opening of Ellington Park in Ramsgate, Sadie Hennessey’s ‘Hutstock’ in Whitstable and Daisy Beau’s open mic night, 101 Social Club, Margate (which is ongoing), performing her own songs to much acclaim by local audiences. Demi worked with Screaming Alley and performed her spoken word pieces at Churchill’s in Ramsgate, Elsewhere Margate for ‘Babe Slam’ and at the 101 Social Club Open Mic night.

Grace has continued to grow in skills and confidence, with participation in the group helping them to tackle their social anxiety which made going out / being in large groups challenging. Since joining The Feminist Complex, they have said their sociability has improved and is keen to share their experience to help others. Read about Grace’s individual journey here [BLOG POST].

Grace continues to shine at an ongoing live sound engineering residency at Rosslyn Court in Margate, within the live events programme, learning how to work a sound desk and conduct sound checks. Tom Thumb Theatre have also offered Grace a residency – they are becoming in demand!

The two groups have worked so hard to achieve such inspiring outcomes during these two years and we are so proud of them all. They had important conversations, created beautiful and powerful music that has shown their talent to the world, and they’ve grown together and individually as artists. We look forward to seeing what they achieve in the future.

Pie’s Programme Manager Zoë says

“We know that women and non-binary people are significantly underrepresented in the music industry, and we wanted to carve out a space at Pie Factory Music for female and non-binary young people to create, develop and be empowered in their own musical journeys. Over the past two years we’ve seen the Girls Programme participants become independent musicians and creative practitioners and we’re so proud of each and every person we’ve had the pleasure to support.”

The Feminist Complex Pie Factory Music

The Feminist Complex perform at their wrap party

The Girls Programme is possible thanks to the generous funding from Youth Music.

Youth Music logo


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Thanks to an incredible community-crowdfunding effort we are able to offer free counselling for young people.

Our Soundcheck programme has been put in place to support young people following the traumatic events of 2020 and to help the ongoing gap in mental health provision in East Kent.

We work with professional, qualified counsellors who are not only able to support young people with their general emotional health and well-being but also have skills and expertise to help young people navigate racial trauma, identity, gender and sexuality.

You can refer a young person by completing the form below and returning it to

PFM referral form – Counselling

Our counselling offer 

We provide online and face-to-face counselling with four qualified counsellors – Alex, Michelle, Remi, and Steph; and trainee counsellor Rohan.

Rohan is providing sessions as part of his qualification, and as such, can only meet with young people aged over 18 years at this time.

We believe that it may take a long time to recover from the challenges and trauma of 2020. This offer of free counselling for young people in East Kent is one way that we can ensure that no one is left to navigate their recovery alone.

Meet our counsellors


Hello! I have worked with people of various experiences, ethnicities, religious backgrounds, gender identities/expressions and
sexualities. My approach to therapy is integrative, which involves using a variety of therapeutic tools from different schools of thought and tailoring therapy to meet the unique needs of each client.

The key philosophy behind my way of working is that as human beings, we are always in relationships with others, some of which are harmful, and others that can be healing. With this in mind, the therapeutic relationship is one that is meant for healing and my hope is that I can work with clients to achieve this by creating a safe, non-judgemental space to work through difficulties.


Hi, I work as a counsellor, clinical supervisor and counselling lecturer. I have my own counselling private practice where I see individuals from all walks of life, including musicians and young people.

I work with a range of themes such as ADD; anxiety; depression; phobias; trauma/EMDR; loss; addiction; smoking; confidence and assertiveness building. I offer the option of engaging verbally, creatively or both. In working creatively I include music; art therapy; dream work; worksheets; poetry and visualisation etc.

I understand that it can be a lonely journey when going through troubling times. My hope is to join you on your journey and to offer you the tools to cope better with life events. A safe space will be created where you will be listened to and talk freely about situations in your life without feeling judged.

About me: I love the cinema; kickboxing; gigs; dancing and having a good laugh. I occasionally volunteer backstage at the O2, counselling fans who are struggling with anxiety. I facilitate workshops and yearly well-being summer retreats, which are open to the public.


Hello! I’m a qualified person-centred therapist. What the person-centred part means is how I work with you, the client. I work to affirm your experiences because I believe deeply that my clients are the experts in their own lives. I want to hear from you about the things that affect you, the things that have brought you to a place of considering having therapy.

I believe that you best understand your inner thoughts, and the anxieties you may have, and in our sessions I’m there to listen to you. This style of therapy encourages the building of a therapeutic alliance between you and I. Our relationship is an essential feature of the work; so that you may trust me to hold space for you. I have specialised training and experience in addiction; working with ambiguous loss; racism, intersectionality, and trauma. I have worked extensively with clients from the LGBTQ+ community.


Hi, I am a counsellor and I’m trained to work with children, young people and adults. I work in schools as well as having my own private practice. I have a therapy dog called Frank that works with me. Frank can be really full of energy and fun but he isn’t really a morning dog, he prefers to sleep under a blanket for most of the morning!

I believe in creating a safe space for people to share their thoughts, feelings and issues with me. I am really passionate about young people accessing high-quality therapy and being able to fully be themselves, and share with me so that we can work through things together. I have experience of working with a very wide range of subjects and enjoy supporting young people through their counselling journey. When I’m not working, I enjoy walking Frank and going to music festivals and spending time at the beach.



Hello! I offer a non-judgemental space. I’ll listen to you, accept you for who you are, and try to understand what’s going on in your life from your point of view. I don’t offer advice or tell you what to do, instead, I try to support and empower you to find your own ways to cope better with whatever issues you are facing.

Creative Interventions

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We understand that in order to build confidence some young people benefit greatly from 1:1 or small group work before accessing our wider programme. We provide tailored sessions for children and young people, which aim to:

Improve Confidence

Develop Creative Skills

Develop and Identify areas of Strength in Themselves and Others

Realise Potential

Take Positive Steps towards Personal Development

Develop skills in emotional literacy and creative capacity

Past sessions have included songwriting, recording, music tech,  dance, cookery, DIY, arts & crafts and various sports – we will be as flexible as possible to accommodate each young person’s needs.

You can refer a young person by completing the form below and returning it to

PFM referral form – Creative Interventions