We have a high spec studio which is available for private hire at a rate of £35 p/h this includes support from our highly experienced sound engineer.

The studio environment is both relaxed and professional, we strive to achieve the highest quality sounding product at all times whilst maintaining the atmosphere creative people desire to capture the perfect take.
Both the control and live room are acoustically treated, with high quality monitoring which ensure a well balanced and transferable mix. We offer a wide range of audio services from vocal/overdub tracking, mixing, and urban/dance music production. We also know a number of local musicians, singers and producers across a range of genres that we can put you in contact with should you require this.
A range of post-production services are also available, including voice over recording, sound to picture editing as well as training in music production/engineering. The Assembly Line studio is based at Pie Factory Music’s HQ in Ramsgate, Kent. Fully packed with high spec audio equipment and an excellent in house engineer Matt ‘The Assembly Worker’ Smyth whose clients as engineer and remixer include:

  • Harry Shotta
  • Morcheeba
  • Congo Natty
  • Unique 3
  • English Frank
  • Adamski
  • Mic _Righteous
  • BBC Radio 1
  • BBC 1Xtra
  • Adrian Sherwood
  • Abigail Hubbard
  • Funsta
  • MC Aroe & The Soundmakers
  • Neil Sparkes and BouGaRaBou
  • Yung Meth
  • Spookasonic
  • Skip McDonald
  • Turner Contemporary
  • Drifta
  • The Formed
  • Steph Kailou
  • The Tuff Crew
  • Mell O
  • Stig Of The Dump
  • Liberty Grooves & The Manor