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This is our podcast, where East Kent’s young people voice what matters to them right now. The world has been turned on its head and they are here to talk about it.

In Season 1, our Emerging Artists discuss the challenges they face as young musicians, what they want the future to hold and what action our community can take. They interview fellow young people, rising musicians, and also our very own Pie Managing Director Steph and past participants. Made by young people, for everyone.

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Slice of Pie features Emerging Artists Conor Stanfield, Maxine Scott, Zico Hazem Briki, is produced by Buddy Peace and generously recorded by Ramsgate Radio.



Episode 1

As we set off on a series of reflections, questions, and debates, our Emerging Artists Maxine, Zico and Conor interview Steph Dickinson, Managing Director of Pie Factory Music. They talk about the charity as it celebrates its 20th anniversary – why Pie started, what’s changed, and what changes need to happen in society to support young people better, as well as what it means to be a young artist today and to be privileged (the big stuff!)

Episode 2

Music – where’s it going? Our Emerging Artists Maxine, Zico and Conor talk about what inspires, worries and excites them about the music industry as they embark on their professional journeys to become musicians, sound engineers, and producers in today’s fast-paced, changing industry.

Episode 3

Social justice The Emerging Artists return for a deep dive into real-world issues that really matter to them. They chat with Steph and Adam from Pie about social justice and wellbeing – why it’s so important, innovative approaches, and what we can all do to make the world a kinder, fairer place. There’s also a shout-out to sound engineers with top tips.

Episode 4

Stories – Lois Meet Lois, one of our #Pie20 crew – young people we’ve had the good fortune to connect with over the past 20 years of our work. Lois has found friendship, community, and a sense of belonging since coming to Pie. Having joined our social action group Action Community Thanet (ACT)! They’ve taken part in acts of kindness towards our local community in Thanet and East Kent, such as sleepouts to raise funds for homelessness, litter picks, and more. Here’s Lois in their own words sharing their piece of the Pie experience…

Episode 5

Stories – Miles, one of our #Pie20 crew – young people we’ve had the good fortune to connect with over the past 20 years of our work. Miles came to Pie last year, somewhat reluctantly and with little expectation of enjoying himself. In a short time, Miles has felt Pie is his ‘second home’, has benefited from being mentored by our youth worker Connor, and has gone on to become a volunteer with our Juniors Youth Club in Thanet and a staff member helping to run sessions at our Aylesham club. Here’s his piece of the Pie story…

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Meet the podcasters


Zico isn’t set on one genre – he likes to mix it up, depending on what the vibe is and what he wants to say. You might call it rap, but he’s not into labeling it. Music has always been a part of Zico’s life – his Grandad was a drummer, Nan was part of the Motown scene and Mum is a jazz artist, so he’s always been driven towards music.

Maxine Scott

Maxine’s speakeasy vocals blend a hybrid of 90’s inspired sounds drawing on Neo soul, r n b, and nu jazz. Based in Ramsgate, Maxine’s expressive lyrics and thought-provoking material is said to reflect the ever-changing landscape and the depths of the sounds found in London.

Malpractice at Wantsum Music gig

Conor is a performer and sound engineer, supporting a raft of local music venues including Elsewhere Margate and Ramsgate Music Hall with his tech wizardry and infusing artists’ performances with his own musical passion.