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Piece of the Pie – Danny

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“I first came to Pie when I was 13 years old after someone who heard me rap in the park told me I should come along and show my talent. I remember that day very clearly still.

When I first came to Pie, I just got involved with the group who used to pass the mic around [Live Room]. There used to be 50+ MC’s and a DJ all passing the mic around. They had to really encourage me to do it the first time because I was shy, but I’m so glad they got me do it because my confidence lifted and that was the start! 

Afterwards, I got involved with Matt, one of Pie’s Creative Practitioners, and recorded songs and did music projects with him. 

When I was a little bit older, about 16/17, I helped the younger ones a couple times and got involved with song writing and running activities with them, alongside doing shows and recording my own music. I loved every moment! 

I am who I am today because of Pie! Because of the people that work there. If I had never gone that day when someone told me to, I wouldn’t be the artist that I’ve become. My confidence, my social skills, my abilities, even my music knowledge is all because of Pie. 

The best thing that I’ve learnt at Pie was to help others and be their biggest support if needed. 

Matt knows that I was really struggling in life at the time, so if someone else was struggling, I had to be there for them because that’s what Matt did for me. I have taken that with me later in life too.  

Pie means everything to me! If it wasn’t for them, goodness knows what I would have done and where I would be today. I appreciate all the team so much! 

Being involved with Pie has helped me be where I am today – I’ve got awesome job at Pilgrims Hospices and I’m still heavily involved with music. I’ve just released my Debut EP “Train Of Thought” It’s out on all digital stores and even on CD. After years of working on my craft ‘Poetic Justice’ is now ready to go get his dream! And it all started at Pie Factory Music!

The world I’m dreaming of for young people in the future, is that the world will be more together. These last few years have been awful for everybody, it’s divided the world. It’s like everyone is against each other instead of standing together and supporting one another. 

I want to see people smiling. Young and old. 

And I want the young ones to feel like they have a bright future ahead.

Stories like Danny’s bring home just how important the work we do to support, inspire and empower young people is. As we reflect on Pie’s 20th anniversary in 2022, we want to be here for the next 20 and beyond. If you like what we do, please consider donating to support our work.

Piece of The Pie – Evan

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Evan: Pie participant, Emerging Artist, Intern.

Evan joined Pie Factory Music when he was 13 years old. He was in a band at school and needed a space to rehearse. The band were excited to find out that Pie was free and aimed at young people, which at the time he describes as “practically unheard of in the area”.

Evan says: “I’ve always had a passion for playing and listening to music, but school didn’t provide me with any opportunities to be creative. It was too formal and structured. Pie Factory Music offered space to explore music in your own way, instead of it being part of a curriculum.”

After being at Pie for some time he started attending sessions on his own to play music with whoever was in the studio at the time. “I never thought I would have the confidence to do this” After a few years of attending our music sessions, we asked Evan if he wanted to be part of the Thanet Emerging Artists Programme, aimed at developing young musicians for a career in music. “This was a real turning point for me. I learnt so much on the programme, including how to set up and promote gigs, running live events and I had lots of opportunities to perform on stage. I’ve gone on to set up my own gigs and now work with a promotion agency.”

After finishing college, Evan joined our team as an intern and worked alongside us on our social media channels, making posters and designing adverts. Evan also helped to run the band room youth session. “I used to attend these workshops as a young teenager and I’m really proud to be able to give back to the charity in this way.” “I’ve always wanted a career in music, but it was being part of Pie Factory Music that put me on the right track to fulfil my ambition.”

Check out one of Evans songs: I’ll Stick Around.

Evan has gone on to study art at university and has become a popular musician, performing live solo and with his band. Evan performed at our 20th-anniversary event: The Big Gig on 3 December 2022 at Elsewhere Margate alongside emerging artists Debdepan and seasoned performer Falle Nioke.