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Avanti Dance Performance Company

Posted on: May 4th, 2016 by Caroline O'Reilly No Comments

The Avanti Dance Performance Company is an exciting new dance project for 16-25 year olds running every Tuesday from 5-7pm @ Ramsgate Youth Centre. No previous experience needed … and it’s free!

Do you know a young person who wants to discover their true potential and prove that they can achieve great things?

Joining The Avanti Project Dance Company could be the perfect opportunity for them; they’d get to meet new people, learn new skills and build their confidence and self-esteem.

“The biggest thing is to believe in myself, which now I do and before I didn’t whatsoever”
Company Member

“This project made me so proud of me and my friends, it made me so confident”.
Company Member

Call 01843 596777 or email to book your space now!