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Piece of the Pie – Katie

Posted on: May 21st, 2020 by Steph Dickinson No Comments

Katie, 19 

“I joined Pie Factory Music when I was 7. My dad is a musician, he plays every instrument under the sun and I spent my childhood listening to and being inspired by him. He was the one that encouraged me to join the charity as he believed that I should have other musical influences. 

For around seven years I took part in their vocal group, learning how to sing, write songs, develop harmonies and practice performing. I learnt how to do vocal warm ups and I got studio time where I could record my own songs. I never knew I had such a passion for singing. 

I was home-schooled and spent a lot of my childhood dropping in and out of youth clubs, like swimming, drama and science clubs. However I stuck with Pie Factory Music – they had amazing youth workers that you can relate to and they always had a session that interested me. 

I now volunteer with the charity leading one of their projects called Action Community Thanet! (ACT!) It’s a weekly social action group to support the local community. We’ve held fundraising quizzes, sponsored walks, sleep outs for the homeless and a lot of litter picks.

Pie Factory Music was a place for me to build on my social skills, meet and trust other adults and interact with new people. They increased my confidence, I gained leadership skills and it taught me how to be part of a team.”

To get involved in our ACT! social action group for young people contact us here. They are doing lots of wonderful things to help vulnerable and isolated people during lockdown and would love to hear from other young people who want to join in.

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Piece of the Pie – Elijah

Posted on: May 19th, 2020 by Steph Dickinson No Comments

Elijah, 21

“I joined Pie Factory Music when I was 15. I was new to Kent, didn’t know a lot of people in the area but I wanted a place to record my own music.

I’ve always loved listening to and playing music, I really appreciate it. It brings out a strong reaction in me.

I didn’t have much confidence and was very reserved and insecure about my music. I would rather blend in with the crowd than be the centre of attention. When I first joined Pie Factory Music, I would sit at the back, looking at other people recording their own music rather than getting involved. 

I opted to have a private workshop session with Matt, one of the music leaders, and I felt comfortable enough to record my own song. He was an amazing mentor to me, he worked at my pace and I grew in confidence. I then had the courage to get involved in the Monday evening workshops where lots of young people make music together. 

I’ve since recorded my first album, performed at gigs in Kent and London, and Pie Factory Music introduced me to another music hub that has offered me funding for a new project that I’m currently working on. 

I’m now a mentor at Pie Factory Music, running studio sessions for young people who are interested in creating their own music. When I see them grow in confidence and make progress, it makes me really proud. 

I didn’t just gain confidence and make music at Pie Factory Music, they taught me life skills, like how to collaborate with people, networking skills, how to set up my own gigs and how to approach others in the industry. 

Matt showed me how to handle myself in situations and be a better person. Whilst Zoe was another big inspiration, she showed me how to market myself, be professional but most of all she helped shape who I am today.”

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