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Apply to join our Emerging Artists Programme!

Posted on: September 27th, 2021 by Zoe Carassik-Lord No Comments

We’re looking for 10 Emerging Artists between the ages of 16-25 to join a FREE, year-long programme of music, personal and career development worth £1,200!

The programme has already helped six young artists progress and develop their skills and learn new attributes to help them thrive as musicians and have a wider understanding of the industry. Even during lockdown, they were able to arrange and put on a live-streamed gig at iconic Margate venue the Tom Thumb Theatre called REVIVAL, to great success.

The group have also started working on a music label called Wantsum Music? that will work alongside the programme that will help young artists in the Kent area distribute their music for the first time.

A previous participant of the programme said:

Emerging Artists has been an incredible opportunity. It’s given me a platform, boosted my confidence, got me back to performing and connected me with the music community. I’m inspired by my peers everyday. To be around likeminded people is so important.”

Connor Beerling, Emerging Artist 2020-21

Over the course of a year you will:

What we ask of you:

How to apply:

Send us a cover letter of around 500 words, or a video of you talking for around 2 minutes, to with the following details:

Apply to join our Girls Programme!

Posted on: September 1st, 2021 by Zoe Carassik-Lord No Comments

We’re looking for up to 15 young people who identify as female or genderqueer between the ages of 13 – 18 years to join a programme of musical support and growth.

Over the course of a year you will:

Attend supportive musical drop-in sessions with a community of female or genderqueer young musicians, led by our Girls Programme Producer

Produce a live music event as part of the POW! Festival

Attend regular planning meetings in the run-up to the live music event

Attend a masterclass by a professional in the music industry

Take part in musical projects led by inspiring female creatives and professionals

What we ask of you:

COMMITMENT – if you are selected to join the programme you must turn up on time, and be dependable and reliable at events.

SUPPORTIVE – this programme is about being part of a safe, creative community where each participant is empowered to share their music and ambitions with supportive peers around them.

ADVOCACY – you are part of the Pie Factory Music family now! Shout loud and be proud about being part of the Girls Programme, and be an inspiring ambassador for our young people and our organisation.

How to apply:

Send us a cover letter of around 500 words, or a video of you talking for around 2 minutes, with the following details:

Your age

Where you live

A contact number

What kind of musician you are, and who your influences are OR what excites you about the music industry, and who your influences are

The one goal that you think being part of the Girls Programme will help you to achieve (for example, creating and publishing an original song)

An example of how you have worked collaboratively or been part of a team in the past, and what you achieved working together.

Send your applications to The deadline for applications is Wednesday 13 October, 12pm. The first introductory drop-in session will take place from 20 October, and will run on Wednesdays from 6.30 – 8.30pm.

Discover our 2020-21 group Sirens journey

Pie’s Covid-safe summer policy

Posted on: July 28th, 2021 by Steph Dickinson No Comments

We hope you’re all safe and well as we embark on the summer holidays. We’re really happy to be running in-person events and activities again after not being able to last year. Ahead of that, we wanted to share with you what Pie’s Covid-safe policy is over the coming months and what you can expect, to keep everyone safe.

The safety of our young people and staff is our highest priority, always. With that in mind, we’re keeping certain safety measures in place. These include:

Mask wearing
We recommend the wearing of masks during our indoor sessions, even though this is not mandatory. We respect every individual’s choice. There are disposable masks available at Pie HQ at all times, for anyone to use. Our staff will be wearing masks where practicable.

Social distancing
We’re staying mindful with distancing in the set-up of our indoor sessions and recommend that anyone attending our sessions is also mindful of this, as far as possible, for everyone’s safety.

High-level hygiene measures
Covid-safe practices are in place, including regular, high-level cleaning procedures and ventilation in shared spaces. Sanitising stations are situated throughout the building – we encourage regular hand washing and sanitising and proactively mention this in our sessions.

We continue to move mindfully through the lifting of restrictions, widening capacity at events and sessions at a slow pace to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and safe.

Get involved in a Pie session
Keep checking our social media channels (@piefactorymusic on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and the what’s on section of this website for events and activities this summer.

We can’t wait to see you!
The Pie team

ANNOUNCING: REVIVAL – Emerging Artists free, live stream gig

Posted on: April 29th, 2021 by Steph Dickinson No Comments

Music is coming back!

Saturday 29 May, 7pm
Live on YouTube | Instagram | Facebook
Hosted by Tom Thumb Theatre Margate

See, hear, experience Kent’s next generation of music makers, all from the comfort of your own home. Shakedown post-lockdown with a night of new music. From the anti-establishment and protests roots of folk and punk, to the sweet sounds and hard-hitting lyrics of Indie and rapping wordsplay, Revival showcases multiple genres from multiple artists for pure escapism and revelry.

Watch two 15-minute sets performed by Mollie Clarke and Zico, followed by three 25 minute sets from Malpractice, Rats Nest, and Connor Beerling, as well as each act interviewed in between sets. Not only can you hear Kent’s best and upcoming Emerging Artists perform, you’ll hear them talk about their creative passion and what drives them to do what they do best – make music.

This event gives these incredible artists a platform to express their talent in their own way with the added bonus of being able to keep their performance content for their own use – something Pie is proud to facilitate. But most importantly, the Revival gig gives you the opportunity to enjoy a host of different types of music, wherever you are, safely, as we all get through these trying times. With Revival, music is finally coming back!

Thanks to our hosts Tom Thumb Theatre – an intimate music venue that packs a massive punch.

Emerging Artists is a year-long programme of career, musical and personal development for young musicians aged 16-25, funded in association with Youth Music.

Being a part of Sirens Play at Home

Posted on: April 27th, 2021 by Steph Dickinson No Comments

For the 2021 POW! Thanet festival, our Sirens group performed an incredible live online gig, ‘Play at Home’ to audiences across the globe, in celebration of International Women’s Day. Here, group member Zoe tells us about the experience…

The Sirens event for POW! was the first project that we were involved in as part of Pie’s new programme, funded by Youth Music. As a group, we all learnt a lot about not only performing in an event, but what goes on behind the scenes, and how much time and focus can go into something like that.

We learnt about the people taking part and all the responsibilities that come with every role, with each member helping out. The event was also a way of demonstrating our talents and ambitions, and after such a challenging year it was a nice way to get a taste of performing again. Covid-19 has affected a lot of things in the past year, and sadly the event was one of them. However, as a team, we managed to overcome the obstacle of not being able to perform live in an outside venue, by performing from our homes via zoom, using our ‘screens as a stage’. This taught us some new lessons and experiences, while still keeping that performance atmosphere and excitement.

We had the exciting opportunity to be invited to perform as part of the POW! Festival, in which the theme was ‘Power in Protest’. That theme really drove our group and sparked a lot of creation, helping us to decide what we believe protest to be. We all thought up different ideas and images of what we see when we think of protest, helping us with the choice of our songs and background designs.

The people who organised the event were Demi, Annabel, Ellie, Tami, Betsy, Harmony, Zoe, Daisy Beau (our fabulous mentor), Rachel (Pie) and Chevonne (Pie), with Harmony, Ellie, Tami and Zoe performing, Daisy Beau gave a guest performance and Betsy was our fabulous compere.

Doing an online event brought all sorts of advantages and disadvantages. However, it really made us think outside the box. While the circumstances were not what we originally anticipated, it was fun to think of new ways to enjoy and impress the viewers at home. It also gave us a chance to be watched by a larger audience, as there were viewers from around the world who could watch the event from their house!

The atmosphere was amazing on the night of the event. Even though we couldn’t see the audience in front of us, the nerves and adrenaline were still running high. One of the most enjoyable things about the event was seeing how far everyone had come, and that really showed in their chosen pieces.

It was such an honour to be a part of POW! this year and beyond, singing our songs and making our backgrounds, we got to meet some amazingly talented people who were working on producing the event and lining everything up. We also met the people in charge of all the sound and where that sound comes from. Even though it was a virtual event, it reflected a lot on what an in-person event would involve. It was so great to be able to enjoy performing despite the circumstances and the curveballs we were thrown this year. If anything, it taught us all a good lesson in adapting to change and being resilient with carrying on.

– Zoe

Soundcheck Fundraiser

Posted on: October 8th, 2020 by Steph Dickinson No Comments

Help us raise funds to support young minds

2020 has hit our young people hard. It’s one of the most challenging years ever, with no sign of letting up. So we’re taking urgent action to help plug the gap in mental health support for them, by raising vital funds to provide 11 – 18 year olds in East Kent free counselling.

We’re launching Soundcheck – our fundraiser to help level the score for young minds.

The Need

Young people are facing the biggest mental health challenge of their lives with access to socialising, support networks, education and employment cut-off and minimised due to lockdown, social distancing and further social restrictions as COVID-19 continues to impact society, with no let up in sight. In a recent survey, Young Minds reported that 80% of young people in the UK agreed that the pandemic had made their mental health worse, with 87% stating that they felt lonely or isolated and 31% saying they were no longer able to access support but needed it.

In the last six months, we have experienced first-hand an upsurge in the number of young people we work with reporting issues with their mental health, evidenced by an increase of 200% in referrals for pastoral support during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Which is why we are acting urgently to ensure that no young person in Thanet, Dover and their surrounding districts, which has some of the most deprived wards in the country, is left behind.

The Idea

Working with talented local artists Paul Camo and Rob Flowers, we have created three exclusive, limited edition T-shirts in a bid to simultaneously raise vital donations and awareness, coinciding with World Mental Health Awareness Day (10 October) and Black History Month. 

Aiming to raise at least £5,000, donations and all profits from the sale of the T shirts will go towards providing:

1.Professional counselling for 11 – 18 year olds associated with the charity, equivalent to giving 15 young people access to six sessions with a qualified counsellor who specialises in treating adolescents, and 35 young people access to a one-off session. Counselling services will encompass those who are navigating their cultural heritage and who have been victims of racism.

2.Creative intervention sessions that give 8 – 18 year olds a unique opportunity to work with a creative practitioner such as a musician or artist, spending studio time together and creating music, which will help towards alleviating some of their symptoms as well as develop employable skills.

Paul Camo’s slogan tee references protest T shirts and placards, taking cues from the past to inspire action now as the fight for racial justice continues. The font is a unique typeface inspired by signs from a 1963 protest march, adapted from an old badge which states ‘STOP RACIST ATTACKS’.

Rob Flowers has created a vibrant visual expression of the words and objects Pie Factory’s young people use to define the charity and its work. 

The Ask 

Now, we are calling on you, our community to ensure that every young mind matters by donating to the fundraiser. Every donation will help us bridge the gap in services in East Kent, enabling young people to improve their mental wellbeing and helping to give them a greater chance to thrive in this most challenging of times. 

Activate your support > buy a T-shirt for £20 before 24 November > 

Please help spread the word to help us raise the volume for young people.

Thank you!