Emerging Artists

Emerging Artists is Pie Factory Music’s dedicated programme for young artists looking to kick-start their music careers.

It’s a year-long programme for 16-25-year-olds that gives in-depth guidance and advice about the music industry such as rights, promotion, recording, and performing, as well as access to a network of like-minded young musicians, industry mentors and experts, and local music venues.

We’ve already helped 23 young people progress and develop their skills since the programme began in 2018, and launched a youth record label, Wantsum Music? in 2021.

In 2023, we’re working with six young people to develop their skills and live performance experience, which includes a showcase at Whereelse Margate on 25 November 2023 from 7pm. Find out more.

Emerging Artist alumni, Elijah Femi says:

“I didn’t just gain confidence and make music at Pie Factory Music, they taught me life skills, like how to collaborate with people, networking skills, how to set up my own gigs and how to approach others in the industry. Zoe was a big inspiration, she showed me how to market myself, be professional but most of all she helped shape who I am today. I’ve since recorded my first album, performed at gigs in Kent and London, and Pie Factory Music introduced me to another music hub that has offered me funding for a new project.”

Read Elijah’s story

This programme is generously funded by Youth Music.

Five young people gathered on a black leather sofa in front of a wall of graffitti saying 'Pride at Pie Factory Music youth club. One is standing with arms raised and smiling, three are seated and one is sat on the floor in front of the sofa.

Emerging Artist Claire a young woman in floral blouse playing the guitar

Emerging Artist Connor Beerling performing at Wantsum Music gig

Emerging Artists Maxine and Oren performing at Wantsum Music gig. Maxine is a young woman with blonde hair singing into a microphone. Oren is a young man in a denim shirt playing guitar.

Emerging Artist Conor Stanfield playing guitar at Wantsum Music gig

Emerging Artist Elijah Femi. Elijah is a young man sitting on a stool in a performing venue looking at the camera

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