Apply to join our Girls Programme!

Posted: 1st September 2021

We’re looking for up to 15 young people who identify as female or genderqueer between the ages of 13 – 18 years to join a programme of musical support and growth.

Over the course of a year you will:

Attend supportive musical drop-in sessions with a community of female or genderqueer young musicians, led by our Girls Programme Producer

Produce a live music event as part of the POW! Festival

Attend regular planning meetings in the run-up to the live music event

Attend a masterclass by a professional in the music industry

Take part in musical projects led by inspiring female creatives and professionals

What we ask of you:

COMMITMENT – if you are selected to join the programme you must turn up on time, and be dependable and reliable at events.

SUPPORTIVE – this programme is about being part of a safe, creative community where each participant is empowered to share their music and ambitions with supportive peers around them.

ADVOCACY – you are part of the Pie Factory Music family now! Shout loud and be proud about being part of the Girls Programme, and be an inspiring ambassador for our young people and our organisation.

How to apply:

Send us a cover letter of around 500 words, or a video of you talking for around 2 minutes, with the following details:

Your age

Where you live

A contact number

What kind of musician you are, and who your influences are OR what excites you about the music industry, and who your influences are

The one goal that you think being part of the Girls Programme will help you to achieve (for example, creating and publishing an original song)

An example of how you have worked collaboratively or been part of a team in the past, and what you achieved working together.

Send your applications to The deadline for applications is Wednesday 13 October, 12pm. The first introductory drop-in session will take place from 20 October, and will run on Wednesdays from 6.30 – 8.30pm.

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