Over the years, Pie Factory Music has created some resources, for you to use and share.

Bounce Back Barry

Check out our new short film created by young people to raise the profile of resilience and wellbeing and spread the love…

In June 2016 we were asked by HeadStart Kent to develop a creative product that would help young people’s wellbeing. We asked our wonderful Art31 group to come up with a concept and turn it into a product that could be shared. The group decided that they wanted to write a song to capture the key messages and then get this animated into a short film. The young people worked with A&C Studio’s to create the animation. The group developed the idea for the main characters Bounce Back Barry and Deflated Dale and A&C worked their animation magic to bring it all together.

The young people have also produced a resource pack with more information and activities to spread their messages. You can download the FREE resource pack here: Bounce Back Barry Resource Pack


Bounce Back Barry Resource Pack copy

Spread the Love

We want more children and young people to know that they’re not alone in whatever challenge they are facing.

You can help by sharing our video:

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A huge thanks to A&C Studios, HeadStart Kent, all of the young people and staff who worked hard to bring Bounce Back Barry to life. We love him!

Banqueting on a Budget Recipe Book



This recipe book was created by young people as part of the Money For Life Project in 2015. The aim of the project was to develop a recipe book which provided a family of four 7 main meals for under £5 per meal. Through this project, the Young People developed a range of skills around money management and budgeting. Download the free Banqueting on a Budget recipe book.

Sounds Fun Resource Pack

In 2013 we were part of a national research project in partnership with The National Children’s Bureau and Creativity, Culture & Education looking at whether participating in the arts has a positive effect on the resilience of Looked After Children. As a result of this project, we produced a resource pack for the benefit of other organisations, project managers and foster carers who may be considering taking part in a similar project. For a copy of this resource, please email us at