Meet our Young Producers!

Posted: 23rd July 2018

We’re so pleased to introduce our six Young Producers who will be working with the Pie Factory Music Creative Team over the coming year to produce their own music events in Thanet, as part of our Thanet Emerging Artists Programme.

Read on to find out who they are…

Billy Nutcase

“Hi, My name is Billy Nutcase, I am excited about the Young Producers, because it can open so many doors for me and my group into music, especially getting our stuff out there, so we can do the only thing we really want to do with our lives, with touring and working on projects as a team. l am very excited that I am on board.”

Frank Perkins

“Heyo, I’m Frank Perkins, I’m 17, and I am a Young Producer at Pie. I enjoy all aspects of music, but especially songwriting. My dream is to see an audience, of more than just close mates in a summer house, proper vibe to one of my songs. I aspire to succeed with Pyscho Killer by Talking Heads playing in the background.”

Rocco Marche

“My name is Rocco Marche and I am from Broadstairs, I am 17 and am an aspiring musician. I play guitar and sing in my band who write our own music and have played a few gigs with pretty good success, recently we have started recording our music which is why the Thanet Emerging Artists Programme would be so useful. I previously attended Pie Factory Music for a while but took a break to do exams and rehearse. I recorded a song at Pie Factory Music with help that went very well and would love the opportunity to learn how to do everything myself along with learning other useful skills that will hopefully help me throughout my career. Since I am currently taking an AS in music technology I have a relatively good understanding on producing music and getting around a digital audio workstation along with other knowledge on music and music technology as a whole. I am reliable, eager to learn and work well in a team.”


Evan Williams

“I’m 17, and I sing and play rhythm guitar in a band called Vendettas. I study music technology at Chatham and Clarendon sixth form, so I’m used to producing music, and recently have been producing music myself along with the rest of my band. As a Young Producer, I just want to set up successful gigs that everyone involved will enjoy.”


“Hi my name is Adrian, I’m 14 and I am a member of the Thanet Young Producers. I’m very excited about what we are going to do in the future. This can open a lot of doors for me and my group Ill Freaks.”

Justin Goodban

“Hey, I’m Justin Goodban and I live in Ramsgate. I just turned 24 and I’m thrilled to be a Thanet Young Producer now. I’ve been making my own music since the age of 12 and I’m still trying to find a way into the music industry. My interests in music range from playing to producing in many different genres, organising gigs and creating live visuals for events. I hope to make the most of my time as a young producer and I hope to gain more experience and knowledge in promoting events.”