Pie Factory Music is a charity set up to provide free accessible music and related arts workshops for young people across East Kent. These are primarily but not exclusively for people aged between 0-25 years.

“Changing the lives of young people”

We believe music is a superb tool for creativity, motivation, inclusion and self-confidence. As a result of our 14 years experience and partnership work we specialise in working with young people from challenging circumstances such as those in care, young people with disabilities and those who face emotional and social difficulties.

The Team

Steph Dickinson

Matt Smyth

Caroline O’Reilly

Kirsty McMahon

Jill Penny

Penny Karimian

Candy Jenkin-Birch

Johanna Wolle

Zoë Carassik-Lord

Dave Neal

Brigitte Voutsa

Abi Hubbard

Owen Francomb

Tiffany Routledge

Adam Pullman

Laura Moncaster

Tommy Aves

Luis Dawber

Lottie Cole

Jamie Ferguson

Pie Factory Music has been in existence since 2001 and has grown to become a high quality, well respected and established organisation, having seen over 125,000 workshop spaces filled since we began.
We accomplish this by offering various sets of progressional workshops at all levels of ability, and long term projects for specific groups of young people.

We have also secured more than £3 million in funding for the East Kent area since our establishment. This has enabled us to provide FREE workshops for over 14 years.

We aim to provide services which:

Reduce barriers to participation

Create an environment/space for learning that is safe, accessible, inclusive and un-intimidating

Increase social inclusion

Help promote positive views of people and their actions/behaviour in our communities

Increase social responsibility

Help encourage young people to understand their social responsibilities as part of the communities they live in

Encourage creativity

Exploring music making in its widest sense, encourage experimentation and pushing of boundaries, creating new and original styles and lyric writing. Promoting positivity and challenging the glorification of violence, bullying etc.

Increase employability

Provide skills, qualification, attitudes and knowledge to help in further education and/or employment.

For more information on our policies and procedures please contact us.

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