Apply to join our Emerging Artists Programme!

Posted: 27th September 2021

We’re looking for 10 Emerging Artists between the ages of 16-25 to join a FREE, year-long programme of music, personal and career development worth £1,200!

The programme has already helped six young artists progress and develop their skills and learn new attributes to help them thrive as musicians and have a wider understanding of the industry. Even during lockdown, they were able to arrange and put on a live-streamed gig at iconic Margate venue the Tom Thumb Theatre called REVIVAL, to great success.

The group have also started working on a music label called Wantsum Music? that will work alongside the programme that will help young artists in the Kent area distribute their music for the first time.

A previous participant of the programme said:

Emerging Artists has been an incredible opportunity. It’s given me a platform, boosted my confidence, got me back to performing and connected me with the music community. I’m inspired by my peers everyday. To be around likeminded people is so important.”

Connor Beerling, Emerging Artist 2020-21

Over the course of a year you will:

  • Be matched with an expert mentor from the creative industries who help you identify and work towards your career goals
  • Produce 2 live music events for young people held at music venues in Thanet
  • Attend 2 masterclasses from professionals and creatives in the music industry
  • Have dedicated time in our rehearsal room and studio creating your own original music
  • Attend regular planning sessions in the run-up to live music events; attend sessions with fellow Emerging Artists
  • Have the opportunity for your music to be distributed by our own label Wantsum Music?

What we ask of you:

  • COMMITMENT – if you are selected to join the programme you must turn up on time, be dependable and reliable at events, and commit to documenting your journey as part of your accreditation.
  • MOTIVATION – we want you to bring your passion, creativity and ambition to the programme, but you will also need to listen, take advice from our leaders and mentors on board, and be willing to learn and grow.
  • ADVOCACY – you will be a part of the Pie Factory Music family – shout loud and be proud about being an Emerging Artist, and be an inspiring ambassador for our young people and our organisation.

How to apply:

Send us a cover letter of around 500 words, or a video of you talking for around 2 minutes, to with the following details:

  • Your age, email address, and mobile phone number
  • Where you live
  • What kind of musician you are, who your influences are, and what area of the music industry you are most interested in
  • The one goal that you think being part of the Emerging Artists Programme will help you to achieve (for example, creating and publishing an EP of your original music)
  • An example of how you have worked collaboratively or been part of a team in the past, and what you achieved working together